Homestyle pies made fresh daily on site. Real fruit no preservatives. Over 34 Flavors of Gourmet Pies. Soups, Sandwiches, and Salads also available.

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Pie is a celebration of family and tradition, neatly and deliciously packaged in a flaky crust. Our passion is to re-create those memorable "Pie moments".

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We could tell you why our pie is famous, but to really understand, you just have to eat a piece. We encourage you to stop in and see what we have to offer.

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We are very passionate about our work. That passion is evidenced by the love that goes into each pie and our many satisfied customers.

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What Customers Are Saying!

Salt Lake Tribune

February 24, 2012

Cannon: Utahns share the state's food treasures...the best rhubarb pie EVER is at Croshaw's Gourmet Pies in St. George at 175 W. 900 South (435-628-1700). I would seriously walk like a pioneer to St. George and back, just for a piece.

By Ann Cannon

Studio 5's Best Pie Picks in Utah

November 9th, 2011

This is pie season. With the holidays approaching, it's time to scout out the pies that will make sure your dinner ends with a grand finale. Studio 5 has scouted out the best pies in the state.
By Amy Richardson

"Best Pie in the South"
Sour Cream Lemon Pie
Croshaw's Gourmet Pies
175 W 900 South
St. George, Utah

...These pies are delicious! They have Chicken and beef pot pies and many fruit & cream pies to choose from. You can buy a personal pie or one for the whole family. Yummy!
-Orem, UT

...The pies at Croshaw's remind me of my Grandma's wonderful pies. People would come from all over to get to her wonderful fare. The crusts are flaky and amazing, they have lots of variety for a great price. I am always asked to bring a Croshaw's Pie's whenever I visit California or Salt Lake City. Excellent!!! Never a complaint. Always consistently great pie.
-St. George, UT

...The best berry pie I've ever had! They have so many combos and flavors, some I've never thought of before! You can come here just to enjoy the smell of fresh baked pies. This place is one of St. George's gems if you're in the mood for some great dessert.
-Puyallup, WA

...I second that review for the berry pie! It's epicness is in the crust! A definite stop if you're passing through town or are in the mood for feasting on baked goods that are worth the drive in itself. Those berry pies are killer indeed. As are most of the other pieces of pie/cake/cooooookies.
-Solana Beach, CA

...While visiting my son and his family in St George, I got a huge craving for LEMON MERINGUE PIE........I do this sometimes, but thankfully, not too often! Asked my daughter-in-law to take me to a bakery (I'm totally unfamiliar with the St George area) and she took me to Croshaws. One look and one whiff of the aromas and I was a goner! I bought a lot more than a lemon pie! I'm a terrific cook (patting self on back) and a pretty good baker, but they put me to shame. How wonderful it would be to have a Croshaws in the SE Denver Metro area......a good bakery is sorely NEEDED AND WANTED. I wonder if it's possible to talk them into it. COME ON YOU GUYS!!
-Aurora, CO

...Nice little bakery cafe that is clearly where the locals go for pie. HUGE assortment of pies. Our party tried four different ones (by the slice) and all of them were good. Tell yourself you're only going in for a salad or sandwich... then save room for pie and enjoy it!
-Orem, UT

...They have all the tasty pies, love the chicken pot pie. I also enjoy their cheesecakes and apple pie. mmmm yummy.
-St. George, UT

...Banana Creme Pie paradise here, and other pie for that matter, no such thing as bad pies here.
-Roy, UT

...I have moved out of the area and miss stopping by for the mini chicken pot pies. My whole family loves them. Just the smell when you walk in the place is enough to get your taste buds craving that Delicious crust that is the same goodness on every pie in the place! The mini lemon pies are perfect for two!
-Salt Lake City, UT